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After a full week busy with checking and scoring assignment of my tutored students’ final exam, finally I have time to write an article for my blog again.

This semester is my first time I am helping my professor lecturing the student, so I guess that my position is more to a tutor than a lecture assistant. No matter what my position is I have to take it seriously since it is very important for the students to get balance score with their efforts of the semester.

Now, all those process is nearing an end so I have time to write again on my blog. Checking the students’ final exam and assignments does not mean that I fully separate myself from freelance activities. I visited and read a couple of articles about SEO, freelance job, affiliate marketing, how to make money online and so on. So I think that I am still updated for all these kind of information.

I only have several ideas for articles in my mind. The problem is I didn’t have enough time this week to convert in to real articles. And this is my first article after vacuüm a week from blogging activities.

Hopefully that my coming articles will be posted in near future since I want to update my blog more often.

See you in my coming articles..




Air Purification: A Solution for Better Air Quality Indoors


The world we live in nowadays is not the same world as our elder generations lived decades ago. It’s hard to find free space of clean air to breathe since there are dangerous pollutants flying in the air. In the other hand, natural air purification system provide by trees and forest are decreased rapidly in massive amount as an impact of world’s industrialization.

People then tend to choose stay at indoors area to reduce the risk of the polluted air outdoor and of course they can turn on the air conditioner. The Fact about this trend is surprising, the air condition on indoors area is worse than the outside. There are many pollutants flying around invisibly combine with limited air flow and lack of plants to do natural air purification. No wonder than if the researches show us that polluted air indoors is the main causes of various illness.

Provide cleaner and healthier air for modern people is big challenge since our lifestyle now require us to stay more in Indoors. The brilliant solution to this dilemma is making artificial air purification system through air purifier agent or we can simply just call it air purification. This device is able to provide better quality of air indoor through elimination of harmful pollutants, bacteria, and viruses. It allows us to feel safe in indoors area such as home or offices.

There are many brands of air purifier in the market but one of the best is from HydroGuard. HydroGuard is an experienced Malaysian Company dedicates their self to produces high technology of air purification system. HydroGuard offers an innovative air purification system which is designed to improve the air quality at homes or offices

HidroGuard’s air purifier is not only improves the air quality but also removes unwanted odors from the air. HydroGuard’s air purifier is not only effective in indoors air purification but also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. HydroGuard believes that improving air quality indoors doesn’t have to harm the environment through massive energy requirement of air purifier device.

HydroGuard’s air purifier is best option for indoors air purification problem especially in tropical country with typical conditions with Malaysia. Air purifier products from HydroGuard use Blondal’s Technology (formerly known as Electrolux) so the quality guaranteed.

Air purification system is a solution to improve the air quality indoors. It makes us able to compromise with our modern lifestyle conditions without afraid of getting sick due to low air quality. Improving the air quality indoors where we spend more than 90 percent of our time will give big impact to our life qualities; make it just healthier and more productive. Better quality of air we breathe determines better life for us.

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Review on Indonesian Micro Job Website for Indonesian Freelancers

This article is a review on, an Indonesian micro job website. one of the biggest Indonesian freelancers market place

Micro job website is a popular phenomenon on internet nowadays. You can easily find this kind of website on Google. is one of micro job websites among many similar sites. Its uniqueness is its Indonesian based website

As I mentioned earlier, is an Indonesian based micro job websites we on internet. Since their basic language and market target is Indonesian so everything in this site are very Indonesian. It use Indonesian language, accommodate Indonesian bank and so on.

 gobann front page’s hompage

The idea is to make a micro job website like but specific for Indonesian region. There are a lot of Indonesian freelancers who willing to get micro jobs for some money and there are also a lot of demand for it. then wish to become a market place where Indonesian seller and buyer of micro services met.

Like any other micro job website, also offers various easy jobs for Indonesian freelancer, all for fifty thousand rupiahs (around five dollars). Because of all jobs are valued fifty thousand rupiahs, so the website named gobann which mean fifty thousand in Indonesian slang language Chinese based.

Seller’s service offer in micro job website or also widely known as gig is called ‘kangtao’ in Reason behind the name is the same with the term of gobann itself. You can make kangtao as many as you want in various topics to attract many buyers to offer. interface is simple if compared to most popular micro job website While use interactive flash based interface, use simple interface just like or Despite its simplicity, yet still have elegance interface and very easy to operate boot for seller and buyer.

 gobann interface’s interface announced their self as the biggest Indonesian micro job website. This announcement may be true since I cannot find any similar Indonesian website like

The problem of is its popularity is not as big as another micro job website even for Indonesia seller and buyer. There are many sellers but there are not enough buyers to accommodate all kangtaos from the seller. There even harder to find top rated buyer and seller in this site

My Personal experience is main support to the argument above.  I just have one client and it’s very hard to find another.’s demand list page is also very quite even when you search an entire week.

Another problem for me is about the payment method. Many of micro job website accepts PayPal to send the money from them into your own account. Different thing happen in which require the seller to have specific Indonesian local bank account to transfer your payment. It’s quite frustrating for sellers who don’t have the accepted bank account and it happen to me.

Well, regardless of weakness it is still a good Indonesian micro jobs website. A place for people especially Indonesian to start their freelancer career likes me. It’s a good website to increase your experience but don’t hope too much from this, at least for now.

Hopefully will grow bigger and able to accommodate Indonesian needs for a micro job website.

here is my profile:

How to Stay Strong in First Day of Ramadan

First day of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan used to feel very hard. It is normal since our body try to get used to with that condition, no food and water supply for over twelve hours a day. Many Muslims will be feeling dizzy, fatigue, and weak in the first day of Ramadan, so many of us will decide to stay at home and get lazy.

If we just get lazy in our first day of fasting it will be fine, but what if we get used to stay lazy a month full? The problem just comes then. Holy month of Ramadan is not time to get lazy for all Muslims. The essential thing about Ramadan is every Muslim is battling with their lust including our lust to get lazy. One of our first challenges in Ramadan then is to defeat our dizziness, our fatigue, and our feeling of weak. If we do so, we can beat our laziness and stay productive.

Stay productive in first day of Ramadan is a difficult thing to do, but we have to do it anyway. Personally, I have couples tricks to beat my laziness in first day of Ramadan. I hope these tricks will help you to stay strong and productive during first day of Ramadan.

1. Have a Good Sahur

Sahur or early breakfast before fasting is an important thing to stay fit and strong during fasting. Eat foods contain fiber, proteins, and complex carbohydrate will help you to stay fit during fasting. You also can consume supplements if necessary. The last thing you don’t forget is drink enough amount of water to keep you hydrated.

2. Get Busy

Yes, get busy, not get lazy. You can do a lot of things in the first day of fasting in Ramadan like reading books, do your works, or just take a walk. Even though it will be feeling so hard because it will help you get used to Ramadan routines faster. It will feel hard just in first day, but will be easier in the next days.

 3. Reinforced Intention of Fasting

Everything we do will be started with an intention and so is fasting. When you reinforced your intention of fasting, you will feel strong because you do fasting for Allah SWT and believe that He will give power to overcome difficulties in fasting such as laziness.

 I always do those tricks in my first day of fasting in Ramadan and it is works. I hope that it will be works for you as well.  So Muslims can improve our fasting quality. May He accept our fasting and forgive every sins we have done.

Aroma coffee, a Legendary Coffee Shop in Bandung


Still in Unique Indonesia, in this post i going to introduce you to one of legendary coffee shop in Bandung. It is called Aroma Coffee or Kopi Aroma in Indonesia. this coffee shop is one of the oldest and the most famous  coffee shop in Indonesia.

I know Aroma Coffee accidentally when one of my friend introduced me to this coffee (we have a coffee party at campus). As a coffee lover (but not maniac), I’ve tried various coffee from different regions in my country Indonesia, try to taste and find the differences of those coffees. But I can’t believe that I’ve missed on variant of coffee from my hometown Bandung, yes Aroma Coffee.

Aroma Coffee is actually a brand of coffee located in Banceuy Street Bandung that has long history since it was established eighty years ago. As their long history, Aroma Coffee has attracts many people from different generations, different regions, and different countries.

Aroma Coffee uniqueness is its classic techniques to process coffee and its classical looks and style. Robusta and Arabica coffee beans after dried have to stored for five and eight years before ready to grind and serve as a cup of coffee. This technique is to lower acidity of the coffee so the customers can enjoy the coffee without afraid to upset your stomach.

To keep coffee’s freshness, Aroma Coffee not packed the coffee in certain package in quantity, we will be asked how much coffee we want and the crew will grind it for us. Sometime we have to be patient waiting our order, Aroma Coffee customers can’t be counted by fingers. Many coffee café also use Aroma Coffee product as their basic ingredients to their coffee products.

I have tried Aroma Coffee many times and my impression to coffee is it is unique and high quality coffee. The uniqueness of Aroma Coffee is its smooth taste and smell.  Aroma Coffee also has low acidity so it is suitable for people with stomach problem. but don’t judge it wrong as a weak coffee, two cups of this coffee enough to make you awake all night long.

Well if you’re coffee lover and come to Bandung, to forget to buy Aroma Coffee

Try it? It’s a must!


4G in Indonesia? Not This Year!!!

After long enough enjoying the 3G family in telecommunication, the world is ready to use brand new telecommunication technology, the 4G. This mean our speed to send and receive will be boosted significantly. While other parts of the world ready to implement 4G, Indonesian should wait at least for one more year.

Is that really happen? Yes that is, officially. The department of telecommunication and information of Indonesia has announced there is no tender for 4G network this year. That’s mean there will be no legal network for 4G in Indonesia in near future. The spokesperson of the department said that they want to focus on 3G for this year.

On the other side, Ericsson has offer to build 4G infrastructure in Indonesia and being welcomed by leading telecommunication provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel. Spokesperson for Telkomsel said that the cost for 4G network’s maintenance is much cheaper that the 3G although it’s cost a lot of money to build the infrastructure.

In my point of view, start the new era of 4G network is good idea to improve Indonesian telecommunication. As we all know that Indonesia’s bandwidth is one of the lowest in Asia, implement the 4G that have high standard for data transfer will also boost Indonesia’s bandwidth generally. Compared to continue build 3Gs network that cost high, start 4G network is better option.

There are several reasons why I think start new telecommunication network with 4G is better option. First, 3G’s standard for transferring data both downstream and upstream is lower than 4G. 3G has standard speed for transferring data below 100mbps both for mobile and fixed broadband. Compared with standard for 4G from ITU that has minimum 100mbps downstream for mobile broadband and 1gbps for Fixed broadband, 3G is nowhere from that speed.

My second argument is limitation in 3G’s speed will become limitation for Indonesia’s bandwidth for all. Telecommunication including 3G is hard to be established well in Indonesia due to resource and geographical factor. Stuck with the lower standard will just lowered the standard we want to achieved. With the relatively same difficulties and a little bit more money I think it is better to implement the faster standard if we really want make a progress.

My last argument is the readiness of Indonesia to implement the 4G in business factor. New gadget from many companies sold in Indonesian market including gadget with 4G features. It will be wasted feature if it can’t be used just because Indonesia don’t have 4G network (yet). The telecommunication service provider we automatically compete one another to give the best service, range, and quality of 4G’s network.


Sirnaraga Cemetery Park in Lebaran

Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is a Muslim cemetery park in quite bizarre place In Bandung. I said bizarre because the cemetery is in crowded Padjadjaran Street,  very close to Husein Sastranagara International Airport, near Istana Plaza Mall, and it surrounded (mixed to be honest) with local crowded residents. We can even see an aircraft landing at the airport from the cemetery and see cemetery in resident’s backyard. Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is also a dense cemetery park.

As another cemetery park, Sirnaraga Cemetery Park also will be crowded with people visiting their relative’s cemetery (nyekar on Indonesian Language) during Lebaran season. The Pilgrims come from area around Bandung and even from outside Bandung. It is normal because Lebaran is a perfect moment to visit relative’s cemetery and pray to Allah SWT that He will forgive and gives better place for their late relatives.

Access to Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is quite difficult especially for pilgrims who use their own vehicle because it is hard to find parking lot near the cemetery. People who come to the cemetery also have to walk on crowded very narrow alley through the resident’s houses before get into their relative’s cemetery

Since nyekar is already part of Indonesian traditions to celebrate Lebaran, no matter how hard it is to come to Sirnaraga Cemetery Park, pilgrims always come every year during Lebaran season. For the pilgrims, nyekar in Sirnaraga is a must thing to do in Lebaran as their respect to relatives who had passed away.

For the cemetery’s caretaker and the residents around Sirnaraga, Lebaran season is a gift. Many of the pilgrims will give money to them for caring the cemetery or give them parking lot. Some of the residents also sell flower and water for the pilgrims. Every Lebaran season will be a moment to share each other in Sirnaraga.

Despite its bizarre location, Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is one of the most crowded place in Bandung during Lebaran season. It is a crowded and uncomfortable place, but a lot of wisdom to be taken from there. A place where people show their respect to their late relatives, a place where will be reminded that life is not eternal, and a place where people share each other.

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