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Uluwatu Temple, A Sacred and Wonderful Place in Bali


Most people agree that Bali is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its popularity even surpasses the country it belongs, Indonesia. The wonderful story about Bali seems like endless, and in this article I am going to bring your imaginations to one of Bali’s most wonderful tourism site, Uluwatu.

Uluwatu is an exotic and unique in the same time temple complex in southern part of Bali. The name of Uluwatu literally means The Ancestor’s Temple. The legend said that once a holy man did moksa (disappear from the world without dead). Then the temple is built as a monument of respect for that hallow.

The temple itself is just one of attraction for the tourists; there are many wonderful objects you can find in Uluwatu. In my opinion, there are at least three reasons why people should visit Uluwatu when they’re in Bali. First is its wonderful location in the south area of Bali. Second thing is monkeys “guarding” the temple. Third is temple itself, the ancient temple has mystic aura when you are in there.

As I said earlier, Uluwatu is located in beautiful if not wonderful location in Bali. It is in calcareous area in south end of Bali Island. Specifically, Uluwatu Temple located in the edge of the barrier reef. To make it more exotic, you can see clearly the Indian Ocean and its waves hitting the corral crag below from the temple.

In order to visit Uluwatu, tourists will have to pass small winding road by vehicles before arrive in Uluwatu Temple parking lot. From the parking lot, tourist will have to buy ticket and will be given sarong and silky belt to wear to respect the temple sanctity.

A horde of the monkeys will welcome the visitor in the entrance gate of Uluwatu. The tour in Uluwatu is a walking in broad complex. The temple itself is just a small part of the broad complex with high density forest and a home for hordes of monkeys. Local Balinese people believe that the monkeys are holy monkeys, the incarnation of holy men which guard the temple from any negative things.

For safety reason, the tourists are suggested to not wear hats and any accessories that can attract the monkeys to steal it. It maybe sounds a bit ridiculous but you have to believe and obey it if you’re in Uluwatu. The monkeys are wild and furious and they love to steal any interesting accessories you wear, steal your camera and even stripped your clothes.

The tourists will walking on the narrow path surrounded by trees and bushes and of course monkeys. Some of the pathways are adjacent to cliff which the tourists can see Indian Ocean clearly and sea waves hitting corals below you. For some people it is scary, but for others it is very interesting thing to see. They even break the divider wall just to take a wonderful photo.

A magical holy place in an exotic location with also unique guards is simply an interesting place to visit when you’re in Bali. For me, Uluwatu is a must destination to visit when you’re in Bali. So, next time you’re in Bali don’t forget to ask your guide to arrange some tour in Uluwatu and take beautiful photos as a souvenir.



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Aroma coffee, a Legendary Coffee Shop in Bandung


Still in Unique Indonesia, in this post i going to introduce you to one of legendary coffee shop in Bandung. It is called Aroma Coffee or Kopi Aroma in Indonesia. this coffee shop is one of the oldest and the most famous  coffee shop in Indonesia.

I know Aroma Coffee accidentally when one of my friend introduced me to this coffee (we have a coffee party at campus). As a coffee lover (but not maniac), I’ve tried various coffee from different regions in my country Indonesia, try to taste and find the differences of those coffees. But I can’t believe that I’ve missed on variant of coffee from my hometown Bandung, yes Aroma Coffee.

Aroma Coffee is actually a brand of coffee located in Banceuy Street Bandung that has long history since it was established eighty years ago. As their long history, Aroma Coffee has attracts many people from different generations, different regions, and different countries.

Aroma Coffee uniqueness is its classic techniques to process coffee and its classical looks and style. Robusta and Arabica coffee beans after dried have to stored for five and eight years before ready to grind and serve as a cup of coffee. This technique is to lower acidity of the coffee so the customers can enjoy the coffee without afraid to upset your stomach.

To keep coffee’s freshness, Aroma Coffee not packed the coffee in certain package in quantity, we will be asked how much coffee we want and the crew will grind it for us. Sometime we have to be patient waiting our order, Aroma Coffee customers can’t be counted by fingers. Many coffee café also use Aroma Coffee product as their basic ingredients to their coffee products.

I have tried Aroma Coffee many times and my impression to coffee is it is unique and high quality coffee. The uniqueness of Aroma Coffee is its smooth taste and smell.  Aroma Coffee also has low acidity so it is suitable for people with stomach problem. but don’t judge it wrong as a weak coffee, two cups of this coffee enough to make you awake all night long.

Well if you’re coffee lover and come to Bandung, to forget to buy Aroma Coffee

Try it? It’s a must!


Sirnaraga Cemetery Park in Lebaran

Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is a Muslim cemetery park in quite bizarre place In Bandung. I said bizarre because the cemetery is in crowded Padjadjaran Street,  very close to Husein Sastranagara International Airport, near Istana Plaza Mall, and it surrounded (mixed to be honest) with local crowded residents. We can even see an aircraft landing at the airport from the cemetery and see cemetery in resident’s backyard. Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is also a dense cemetery park.

As another cemetery park, Sirnaraga Cemetery Park also will be crowded with people visiting their relative’s cemetery (nyekar on Indonesian Language) during Lebaran season. The Pilgrims come from area around Bandung and even from outside Bandung. It is normal because Lebaran is a perfect moment to visit relative’s cemetery and pray to Allah SWT that He will forgive and gives better place for their late relatives.

Access to Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is quite difficult especially for pilgrims who use their own vehicle because it is hard to find parking lot near the cemetery. People who come to the cemetery also have to walk on crowded very narrow alley through the resident’s houses before get into their relative’s cemetery

Since nyekar is already part of Indonesian traditions to celebrate Lebaran, no matter how hard it is to come to Sirnaraga Cemetery Park, pilgrims always come every year during Lebaran season. For the pilgrims, nyekar in Sirnaraga is a must thing to do in Lebaran as their respect to relatives who had passed away.

For the cemetery’s caretaker and the residents around Sirnaraga, Lebaran season is a gift. Many of the pilgrims will give money to them for caring the cemetery or give them parking lot. Some of the residents also sell flower and water for the pilgrims. Every Lebaran season will be a moment to share each other in Sirnaraga.

Despite its bizarre location, Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is one of the most crowded place in Bandung during Lebaran season. It is a crowded and uncomfortable place, but a lot of wisdom to be taken from there. A place where people show their respect to their late relatives, a place where will be reminded that life is not eternal, and a place where people share each other.

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