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Drastic Changes That ‘Making Money’ Online Gives to Our Lives

Drastic Changes That ‘Making Money’ Online Gives to Our Lives.


Back on Blogging

After a full week busy with checking and scoring assignment of my tutored students’ final exam, finally I have time to write an article for my blog again.

This semester is my first time I am helping my professor lecturing the student, so I guess that my position is more to a tutor than a lecture assistant. No matter what my position is I have to take it seriously since it is very important for the students to get balance score with their efforts of the semester.

Now, all those process is nearing an end so I have time to write again on my blog. Checking the students’ final exam and assignments does not mean that I fully separate myself from freelance activities. I visited and read a couple of articles about SEO, freelance job, affiliate marketing, how to make money online and so on. So I think that I am still updated for all these kind of information.

I only have several ideas for articles in my mind. The problem is I didn’t have enough time this week to convert in to real articles. And this is my first article after vacuüm a week from blogging activities.

Hopefully that my coming articles will be posted in near future since I want to update my blog more often.

See you in my coming articles..





Many people are willing to get some cash from internet including me. It’s simple and easy, you don’t even have to get out of your bed to do your online jobs and money will start to fly into your bank account.

Nowadays, online based jobs such as SEO expert, content writing, affiliate marketing and so on are very popular in the world. You can search in about ‘how to get money online’ and you will find hundred million results. There are many site out there offer you online jobs to be applied with various rate from one to thousands of dollar.

While many website require you to pass some certain test, give you chance to start working on easy jobs like writing 500 articles, creating backlinks, marketing products or even just make a video to promote something. All are for five dollars and you can start looking for jobs as soon as you registered. has various jobs categories, so you can choose the suitable one for you. All you need to do is making a gig about what you expert on or you can find what people are looking for and apply for it. It’s simple and easy right?

Since is a very popular website on internet, you also have to be creative to make yourself shinning brighter than others. You can make your profile as creative as possible since this site provides its user to add photos and videos. Your gigs also have to as good as possible, thankfully provide you as its user to add video in your gigs!

Well, for some people five dollars per job is very little amount of money. But don’t worry, provide level system which allow you to offer more valuable jobs when you get to higher level. Higher level also means that you’ve increased your rating on the web so you have higher probability to be hired than anyone else with the same kind of gigs.

Interested? Don’t waste your time and hurry up sign up to and start your fiver career. Make it higher and let bigger money come into you.

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