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Never Ending Paid-To-Click

After long time vacuum from old fashioned internet business, lately I decide to try it again. You may wonder what kind of internet business is that, and my answer is PTC.

For those who don’t know already about PTC, I will explain you a bit about that. PTC stands for Paid-Per-Click which mean people will get paid if they click on certain advertisements pages on a PTC sites. PTC site usually will give their member about $0.001 to $0.01 per click and provide about 30 advertisements a day. Small amount of money? It is.

So why I get attached on this kind of business if I’ve already know it just give me small amount of money? The answer is simple, just like everybody else, we love PTC site. People love PTC site because it will attracts a lot of people to join both for promoting their website or product and to earning money from view some advertisement. The traffic is massive so people will keep investing their money on PTC and the viewers also coming in heavy flow.

Internet business is growing rapidly over these years and people are looking for effective way to promote their website. That’s the reason why there a lot of PTC site on internet nowadays. Just search on Google and you will get hundreds or maybe thousands result of PTC sites.

Even though PTC sites just give small amount of money to their members, but the bright prospect of PTC make people get attached of it. With a good management people will get around hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month trough PTC site. It is not an overnight business, it takes month and even years to achieve that, so patience is everything in this business.

Since it will takes long before get hundreds of dollars, so choosing the legitimate PTC site is very important. No one wants their long efforts gone just because the PTC site he/she chooses is a scam. There a lot of information about legitimate PTC site on internet, you just have to google it and analyze carefully before decide to join.

Personally, I’ve joined several PTC sites which have good reviews on internet. Choosing the right PTC that can be trust to pay you is important. If you interested about PTC sites I’ve joined in, here is the list:

–          NEOBUX

–          PROBUX

–          OJOOO

–          NERDBUX

–          NOULINX

I choose those PTC site because that has a lot of good reviews on internet. You can simply type ‘legit PTC’ on Google and the result will come. if you interested to join, just click the link above for simple registration.

Okay, there is the first chapter of the PTC series. Stay tuned as I will post the review from each PTC sites above, how get direct referral, and tactic to grow you PTC business bigger. See Ya.

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Drastic Changes That ‘Making Money’ Online Gives to Our Lives


Making money online is a popular term in the world now and it’s even more popular in internet. Most of the people now are looking for online jobs to make money online. We can search on the search engine such as Google the words ‘making money online’ and we will get millions if not billions result from tips to sites which offer way to making money online.

Traditional ways of working within traditional office is old-fashioned now. People are looking for jobs that are more flexible and more profitable; working via internet and starting to make money online is the best answer for that global demand.

Internet is a revolution in human history, a virtual space that allowed people meet each other even without walking. Then, working for money is something that you can do online. Consultants and the clients can negotiate online so do the relationship between sellers and buyers. People are getting order for their services or goods online, sell it, and money comes via online transfer.

Some people maybe confuse with the term ‘making money online’, but there is no need to be  worry since they can easily search on the internet what making is money online and how to do it. There are many articles about this term in different form. There are academic articles analyzing this term and there are also practical articles of how people success on making money online.

If we read those articles about making money online carefully and analyze that, we will realize that there are various ways of making money online. Some people tend to sell goods on the internet via online shops like Amazon or do some affiliate marketing. People also can be playing in stock market and commodities market with online platform without needs to fix all those complicated bureaucracy. Another way is selling services via internet; sell your skill, promote it, and get the clients or can be called with just ‘freelance’.

Making money online is easy to be started. There are various websites on internet give ways to get jobs online. We can look at Fiverr as the most popular micro jobs website, Elance for professional freelancer, Peopleperhour and so on. People also can use their own website and blog to make money online. A good website with high traffic will attract companies to display their ads on that website. Those are just small examples of how does making money online, I believe there is a lot more method to make money from the internet.

The Popularity of the term ‘making money online’ has generated the trend of ‘working at home’. It doesn’t only affect people as workers, but also the companies. A lot of companies now allow their employees to work from home and send their jobs to the office servers. In extreme way, companies are hiring people via online without even a real meeting between them.

Making money online as well as the internet itself has changed our world in a very dramatic ways. This article is just a beginning, I will post a lot more articles about making money online or working online in this blog. As the header of my blog, I will write the articles from both academic and freelancer perspective.

See You

Back on Blogging

After a full week busy with checking and scoring assignment of my tutored students’ final exam, finally I have time to write an article for my blog again.

This semester is my first time I am helping my professor lecturing the student, so I guess that my position is more to a tutor than a lecture assistant. No matter what my position is I have to take it seriously since it is very important for the students to get balance score with their efforts of the semester.

Now, all those process is nearing an end so I have time to write again on my blog. Checking the students’ final exam and assignments does not mean that I fully separate myself from freelance activities. I visited and read a couple of articles about SEO, freelance job, affiliate marketing, how to make money online and so on. So I think that I am still updated for all these kind of information.

I only have several ideas for articles in my mind. The problem is I didn’t have enough time this week to convert in to real articles. And this is my first article after vacuüm a week from blogging activities.

Hopefully that my coming articles will be posted in near future since I want to update my blog more often.

See you in my coming articles..



Review on Indonesian Micro Job Website for Indonesian Freelancers

This article is a review on, an Indonesian micro job website. one of the biggest Indonesian freelancers market place

Micro job website is a popular phenomenon on internet nowadays. You can easily find this kind of website on Google. is one of micro job websites among many similar sites. Its uniqueness is its Indonesian based website

As I mentioned earlier, is an Indonesian based micro job websites we on internet. Since their basic language and market target is Indonesian so everything in this site are very Indonesian. It use Indonesian language, accommodate Indonesian bank and so on.

 gobann front page’s hompage

The idea is to make a micro job website like but specific for Indonesian region. There are a lot of Indonesian freelancers who willing to get micro jobs for some money and there are also a lot of demand for it. then wish to become a market place where Indonesian seller and buyer of micro services met.

Like any other micro job website, also offers various easy jobs for Indonesian freelancer, all for fifty thousand rupiahs (around five dollars). Because of all jobs are valued fifty thousand rupiahs, so the website named gobann which mean fifty thousand in Indonesian slang language Chinese based.

Seller’s service offer in micro job website or also widely known as gig is called ‘kangtao’ in Reason behind the name is the same with the term of gobann itself. You can make kangtao as many as you want in various topics to attract many buyers to offer. interface is simple if compared to most popular micro job website While use interactive flash based interface, use simple interface just like or Despite its simplicity, yet still have elegance interface and very easy to operate boot for seller and buyer.

 gobann interface’s interface announced their self as the biggest Indonesian micro job website. This announcement may be true since I cannot find any similar Indonesian website like

The problem of is its popularity is not as big as another micro job website even for Indonesia seller and buyer. There are many sellers but there are not enough buyers to accommodate all kangtaos from the seller. There even harder to find top rated buyer and seller in this site

My Personal experience is main support to the argument above.  I just have one client and it’s very hard to find another.’s demand list page is also very quite even when you search an entire week.

Another problem for me is about the payment method. Many of micro job website accepts PayPal to send the money from them into your own account. Different thing happen in which require the seller to have specific Indonesian local bank account to transfer your payment. It’s quite frustrating for sellers who don’t have the accepted bank account and it happen to me.

Well, regardless of weakness it is still a good Indonesian micro jobs website. A place for people especially Indonesian to start their freelancer career likes me. It’s a good website to increase your experience but don’t hope too much from this, at least for now.

Hopefully will grow bigger and able to accommodate Indonesian needs for a micro job website.

here is my profile: