Happy New Year Everyone!!

2008 Taipei City New Year Countdown Party: The...
2008 Taipei City New Year Countdown Party: The Firework from Taipei 101. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just days ago, we’ve passed 2013 now we’re walking in the New Year, 2014. A beautiful firecracker party had made dark night sky become bright red as a symbol of new hopes and new resolutions in 2014.


New hopes and new resolutions seems like have been integral part of New Year itself. We can search on Google for different traditions across the globe how people celebrate New Year. It may be different but all of those traditions refer to the same things, new hopes and new resolutions.


I believe that everyone hopes that 2014 will be better than the previous years. Of course we are not just hoping but we’re also going to make this year better than years before. No one want to make this year going worse than last year expect several people with high level of insanity.


Hopes and resolutions in New Year is related each other. Hopes would not just make this year better and more beautiful than last year in instant; we have to do something to make it, resolutions. In another side, a good resolution for 2014 will hard to accomplish if we have no hopes to make it real. Rather than a new spirit it will be close to a new hard task to do.


A lot of things will happen in 2014 planned, expected, or even unexpected. Not all good things will happen in 2014 so we have to still be prepared for the worst. If we look at 2013, no one had known that hurricane Haiyan will happen that bad. The unexpected things sometime happen beyond our worst expectation.


Not everyone thing that 2014 is an important year. For some people this year maybe is just an ordinary year. No matter your opinion about the importance of this year but I am sure that most of the people will agree that this year is a blank sheet that is needed to be fill. The Resolutions is the target about what we want to fill in that blank sheet and hopes will push us to make all the better things in filling the sheet.


Make this year better than previous years will only make us have a better New Year party in the end of this year. Hopefully all of our hopes and resolutions will come true in this year. Happy New Year Everyone!!



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