Separate Sports an Politics, It’s Already Been

There are many of sports enthusiasts think that sports should be separated with politics in all level. It sounds great to keep the spirit of sport free from all political reason and live sports as it be.

Sports, any kind of it from European football to American football from tennis to badminton have gain enormous attention from people around the world. Millions if not billions of sports fans watch a Superbowl, Summer Olympic, or FIFA World Cup.

With its popularity it is really tempting to use sports both teams of events to make it as political tools. Many of people will think that it is inappropriate.  Well, maybe they are right but the term ‘politic’ in this context is wider than just a local politic within a country.

in International Politics or some people also called it as International Relations sports is one of powerful tools for state to get attentions from the public of international. It even easier to spread their influence with their sport’s achievement, their sports league, or even hosting an international sport event.

In wider scope of international politic, it is clear that sports has already been a political tools of a country to spread their interest to another countries and mostly international public. it also a reason for a country would like to spend billions of dollar to make an international sport event they hold looks spectacular or why a country like UK massively promote their English Premier League to attract global community.

The purpose is they want to recognize or even admired by global community with their best image. International interactions now has changed rapidly from the Era of Cold War. The use of high politics things like economic sanctions, threaten another country, or the use of military force is no longer suitable with international environment. Countries then need a new media to spread their influences to the world, one of them is to use sports.

The use of low politics things like sports in interstate interaction actually is not a fresh thing. Even in Cold War Uni Soviet and United States were competing each other try to pursue international public with their cultures, popular culture and high culture to show that they are more fun and more civilized. They also competed in many olympics to show which one is the best in sports

When the era of Cold War ended, than begin a new era of international relations that accommodate more non-state actors including an individual to take part in international interactions. This era open new opportunity for a country to spread their interest, to gain more power and to fulfill their interest with the use of low politics things.

Sports nowadays then is not just a match or a championship that full of sportsmanship spirit. More than that, it is a way of a nation-state to gain more popularity in the world so they power will also increase

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