How to Stay Strong in First Day of Ramadan

First day of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan used to feel very hard. It is normal since our body try to get used to with that condition, no food and water supply for over twelve hours a day. Many Muslims will be feeling dizzy, fatigue, and weak in the first day of Ramadan, so many of us will decide to stay at home and get lazy.

If we just get lazy in our first day of fasting it will be fine, but what if we get used to stay lazy a month full? The problem just comes then. Holy month of Ramadan is not time to get lazy for all Muslims. The essential thing about Ramadan is every Muslim is battling with their lust including our lust to get lazy. One of our first challenges in Ramadan then is to defeat our dizziness, our fatigue, and our feeling of weak. If we do so, we can beat our laziness and stay productive.

Stay productive in first day of Ramadan is a difficult thing to do, but we have to do it anyway. Personally, I have couples tricks to beat my laziness in first day of Ramadan. I hope these tricks will help you to stay strong and productive during first day of Ramadan.

1. Have a Good Sahur

Sahur or early breakfast before fasting is an important thing to stay fit and strong during fasting. Eat foods contain fiber, proteins, and complex carbohydrate will help you to stay fit during fasting. You also can consume supplements if necessary. The last thing you don’t forget is drink enough amount of water to keep you hydrated.

2. Get Busy

Yes, get busy, not get lazy. You can do a lot of things in the first day of fasting in Ramadan like reading books, do your works, or just take a walk. Even though it will be feeling so hard because it will help you get used to Ramadan routines faster. It will feel hard just in first day, but will be easier in the next days.

 3. Reinforced Intention of Fasting

Everything we do will be started with an intention and so is fasting. When you reinforced your intention of fasting, you will feel strong because you do fasting for Allah SWT and believe that He will give power to overcome difficulties in fasting such as laziness.

 I always do those tricks in my first day of fasting in Ramadan and it is works. I hope that it will be works for you as well.  So Muslims can improve our fasting quality. May He accept our fasting and forgive every sins we have done.

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