Aroma coffee, a Legendary Coffee Shop in Bandung


Still in Unique Indonesia, in this post i going to introduce you to one of legendary coffee shop in Bandung. It is called Aroma Coffee or Kopi Aroma in Indonesia. this coffee shop is one of the oldest and the most famous  coffee shop in Indonesia.

I know Aroma Coffee accidentally when one of my friend introduced me to this coffee (we have a coffee party at campus). As a coffee lover (but not maniac), I’ve tried various coffee from different regions in my country Indonesia, try to taste and find the differences of those coffees. But I can’t believe that I’ve missed on variant of coffee from my hometown Bandung, yes Aroma Coffee.

Aroma Coffee is actually a brand of coffee located in Banceuy Street Bandung that has long history since it was established eighty years ago. As their long history, Aroma Coffee has attracts many people from different generations, different regions, and different countries.

Aroma Coffee uniqueness is its classic techniques to process coffee and its classical looks and style. Robusta and Arabica coffee beans after dried have to stored for five and eight years before ready to grind and serve as a cup of coffee. This technique is to lower acidity of the coffee so the customers can enjoy the coffee without afraid to upset your stomach.

To keep coffee’s freshness, Aroma Coffee not packed the coffee in certain package in quantity, we will be asked how much coffee we want and the crew will grind it for us. Sometime we have to be patient waiting our order, Aroma Coffee customers can’t be counted by fingers. Many coffee café also use Aroma Coffee product as their basic ingredients to their coffee products.

I have tried Aroma Coffee many times and my impression to coffee is it is unique and high quality coffee. The uniqueness of Aroma Coffee is its smooth taste and smell.  Aroma Coffee also has low acidity so it is suitable for people with stomach problem. but don’t judge it wrong as a weak coffee, two cups of this coffee enough to make you awake all night long.

Well if you’re coffee lover and come to Bandung, to forget to buy Aroma Coffee

Try it? It’s a must!


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