Sirnaraga Cemetery Park in Lebaran

Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is a Muslim cemetery park in quite bizarre place In Bandung. I said bizarre because the cemetery is in crowded Padjadjaran Street,  very close to Husein Sastranagara International Airport, near Istana Plaza Mall, and it surrounded (mixed to be honest) with local crowded residents. We can even see an aircraft landing at the airport from the cemetery and see cemetery in resident’s backyard. Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is also a dense cemetery park.

As another cemetery park, Sirnaraga Cemetery Park also will be crowded with people visiting their relative’s cemetery (nyekar on Indonesian Language) during Lebaran season. The Pilgrims come from area around Bandung and even from outside Bandung. It is normal because Lebaran is a perfect moment to visit relative’s cemetery and pray to Allah SWT that He will forgive and gives better place for their late relatives.

Access to Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is quite difficult especially for pilgrims who use their own vehicle because it is hard to find parking lot near the cemetery. People who come to the cemetery also have to walk on crowded very narrow alley through the resident’s houses before get into their relative’s cemetery

Since nyekar is already part of Indonesian traditions to celebrate Lebaran, no matter how hard it is to come to Sirnaraga Cemetery Park, pilgrims always come every year during Lebaran season. For the pilgrims, nyekar in Sirnaraga is a must thing to do in Lebaran as their respect to relatives who had passed away.

For the cemetery’s caretaker and the residents around Sirnaraga, Lebaran season is a gift. Many of the pilgrims will give money to them for caring the cemetery or give them parking lot. Some of the residents also sell flower and water for the pilgrims. Every Lebaran season will be a moment to share each other in Sirnaraga.

Despite its bizarre location, Sirnaraga Cemetery Park is one of the most crowded place in Bandung during Lebaran season. It is a crowded and uncomfortable place, but a lot of wisdom to be taken from there. A place where people show their respect to their late relatives, a place where will be reminded that life is not eternal, and a place where people share each other.

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