4G in Indonesia? Not This Year!!!

After long enough enjoying the 3G family in telecommunication, the world is ready to use brand new telecommunication technology, the 4G. This mean our speed to send and receive will be boosted significantly. While other parts of the world ready to implement 4G, Indonesian should wait at least for one more year.

Is that really happen? Yes that is, officially. The department of telecommunication and information of Indonesia has announced there is no tender for 4G network this year. That’s mean there will be no legal network for 4G in Indonesia in near future. The spokesperson of the department said that they want to focus on 3G for this year.

On the other side, Ericsson has offer to build 4G infrastructure in Indonesia and being welcomed by leading telecommunication provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel. Spokesperson for Telkomsel said that the cost for 4G network’s maintenance is much cheaper that the 3G although it’s cost a lot of money to build the infrastructure.

In my point of view, start the new era of 4G network is good idea to improve Indonesian telecommunication. As we all know that Indonesia’s bandwidth is one of the lowest in Asia, implement the 4G that have high standard for data transfer will also boost Indonesia’s bandwidth generally. Compared to continue build 3Gs network that cost high, start 4G network is better option.

There are several reasons why I think start new telecommunication network with 4G is better option. First, 3G’s standard for transferring data both downstream and upstream is lower than 4G. 3G has standard speed for transferring data below 100mbps both for mobile and fixed broadband. Compared with standard for 4G from ITU that has minimum 100mbps downstream for mobile broadband and 1gbps for Fixed broadband, 3G is nowhere from that speed.

My second argument is limitation in 3G’s speed will become limitation for Indonesia’s bandwidth for all. Telecommunication including 3G is hard to be established well in Indonesia due to resource and geographical factor. Stuck with the lower standard will just lowered the standard we want to achieved. With the relatively same difficulties and a little bit more money I think it is better to implement the faster standard if we really want make a progress.

My last argument is the readiness of Indonesia to implement the 4G in business factor. New gadget from many companies sold in Indonesian market including gadget with 4G features. It will be wasted feature if it can’t be used just because Indonesia don’t have 4G network (yet). The telecommunication service provider we automatically compete one another to give the best service, range, and quality of 4G’s network.


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